Idaho Pasture Pork (IPP) - $4 (Stover)

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Pasture raised pork - $4 (Stover)

Update: 1/2 IPP has been taken. We do have space available in our October butchering to accommodate your order for a whole or 1/2 delicious Idaho Pasture Pig. PM for details. 🙏

We have one Idaho Pasture Pigs available for butchering on December 26th, it can be purchased as a whole or half.

With your paid deposit, we will grow out your Idaho Pasture Pig to beautiful 225lbs - 275lbs, which will produce delicious pasture raised pork for you and your family. Grazed on our lush green pastures the IPPs are supplemented with grain and minerals daily. This produces High Quality Fats: pastured pork has a significantly better ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty-acids comparted to factory farm raised. Green grass and leaves are major sources of Omega-3 fats, which is what the animals at Aloha Acres thrive on. A large portion comes right from their diet, which on the pastures means anything they can get their snouts into: roots, grass, leaves, grubs, nuts, fruit, and insects. Compare that with the typical diet for factory-farmed pigs, which is largely based on corn and soybean meal. We also raise goodies on the farm for our IPPs, from beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelons, comfrey and an occasional couple dozen scrambled eggs to add to their delicious flavor. In the fall we will finish our pigs in our woods on our wonderful Ozark Mountain acorns, adding another layer of flavor.

Once your IPP reaches butcher weight we will deliver your Idaho Pasture Pig to Marks Meat Processing in Versailles Missouri. You will place your custom order with Marks for your pork steak, pork chops, bacon, sausage, ground pork, shoulder, ham, ham steaks, pork cutlet, ribs, and tender loin. You will pay Marks for your processing and pick up your finished order when they call.
You will pay Aloha Acres Llc for the IPPs hanging weight.

Whole $4.00/lbs (hanging weight) deposit $400
Halve $4.50/lbs (hanging weight) deposit $225

250lbs hog live weight = 180lbs hanging weight
Your pig will yield approximately 130lbs of butchered meats.

All figures above are approximated and pigs size will vary.

This breed was created using Duroc (for their superior meat quality), Old Berkshire (for their excellent disposition), Kune Kune (for their upturned snouts and wonderful tasty fat)…they are true pasture pig which we rotational graze on our pasture and supplement with grain and minerals. They reach butcher weight of 225-275 in 8-10 months (depending on how you feed) resulting in meat that is darker red, marbled, with firm flavorful fat…absolutely delicious!!

Please feel free to call, text, and email us with all your questions. We currently have one Idaho Pasture Pig available for whole or 1/2
And will be delivered to Marks in Versailles May 6, 2024.

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