Subaru Overheating or Knocking? (Lake of the Ozarks)

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Is your Subaru engine starting to overheat or has it been sitting because of overheating?
Or has your Subaru started ticking or knocking?
These are great cars but they do need service and too many shops will take advantage of you and not do a proper repair with brand name parts.
You wouldn't believe the engines I've taken apart... I've seen half of the seals replaced, the other half left there, I've seen spray painted engines, engines done too quickly without care and destined to fail early, I've seen where they change your timing belt but don't replace the other pulleys!? How!? Why!? Its pure laziness and a lack of care! I love subarus, and love what I do!!

Hi I'm Dustin! I've been in the lake area for almost 10 years and have owned and worked on Subaru over 15 years. I do not normally offer my services, as I just repair Subarus and resell them with a reconditioned engine.

If you're a subaru owner and love your car but now you're told its going to be 5k+ dollars to pull the engine and repair the car, help has arrived.

For a limited time I am offering my services to recondition your engine.

What does this mean?
Your engine will be treated with the most care, and receive a thorough cleaning
A reconditioned crankshaft
New Rod Bearings
New Main Bearings
Replacement rods if any show wear
All new premium gaskets and seals
Headwork including cleaning and lapping the valves, setting valves to factory specifications.
New timing kit including timing belt and all pulleys.
What this means is your engines will be reconditioned and have 0 miles on it, like you drove it right off the lot.

I'm not interested in being a full service mechanic so I will not be interested in doing your exhaust work or brakes or anything other than what I'm offering here, reconditioning of the engine.
I do not cover bad driving habits or forgetting to check your oil, I do not offer warranties.

Pricing varies on how much damage has occured. For example I may be able to reuse your crankshaft, that drops the price 500, or in many cases the crankshaft has to be replace, which is 500 alone. I make less that 100 just on that part alone.
Maybe 1 rod has to be replaced, maybe all 4. I won't know until I tear down your engine.
Maybe your heads overheated and warped in which case I do not offer that work and your heads would need to be sent out to be machined.
Regardless of what must be done I'm able to offer my engine reconditioning services for less than 5k.

If your car is simply overheating and needs new head gaskets, I could have your engine pulled, and fixed, in less than a week, for 1500. More time may be necessary but once I'm able to stock parts I can offer faster service. At this moment I need to tear down your engine, see what needs to be replaced, and order it that day, then it usually takes about a week just to get some parts.

Full reconditioning can be as low as 2500, ranging to 4000. I will never adjust the price after I've torn it down and looked inside. The price I give is the price you'll pay. I won't be able to tell you a price UNTIL I've taken your engine apart and properly measured the parts for wear or damage. I can assure you that minimum 2500 and maximum 4000 will do the job. 4000 would mean new crank, all new rods, heads are warped and need to be sent out, a whole new block replacement, worst case scenario... Which has never happened to me in the 12 that I've done thus far.

The car can be brought to my residence or I can come pick it up and bring it here for a small fee.

I'm not accepting any turbo models at this time, all other engine types are welcome!
I'm not responsible for any previous issues you may or may not have had and just looking for genuine people that want to get their subaru engine fixed without forking out 5k+ dollars.

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